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With Tonara’s music practice platform, teachers get business management tools that help them focus more on their teaching and stressing less on the management of their studio. While students get a fun and engaging experience with Tonara.

Tonara offers the ability to track the student’s progress, send encouraging notes throughout the week, schedule lessons and assignments, create friendly competition via the studio and global leaderboard, and much more!


  • Satoshi Kanazawa Arioso Music Studio

    “Tonara fits with the times and is now the best music practice management platform. Not only does it allow for organizing practice schedules and assignments their teacher gives, but Tonara also motivates students to practice their instrument(s) in various ways. ”  

  • Yulia Helm Gaston Piano Studio

    “Tonara is twofold – on one hand, I love the ability to peek into my students’ practice time-frequency, consistency, and progress! On the other hand, a lot of my students are being pushed to new practice heights just by a friendly competition.”

  • Fernanda Machado Piano Class

    “Including Tonara in my studio was a game-changer for many of my students. It allows my students to keep track of their practice and lets me include audio references for those practices to make it more clear of what to practice.”

  • Leandra Mcphatter Leandra's Music Studio

    “We’ve been using it for about 6 months. Our kids are ADDICTED to the leaderboard. Their practice has definitely improved since using the app.”

  • Ignacy Gaydamovich Gaydamovich Music Studio

    “I can’t stress enough how Tonara helps me teach, engage, and keep my studio organized! Thanks, Tonara!”

  • Percy Reddy Private and Public Teacher

    “Wanted to say a big thank you to Tonara for creating this amazing platform to take on all our ideas and make them come to life. Thank you for not giving up and challenging the status quo to improve student practice and student learning!”

Tonara’s Commitment to Quality Music Education Starts with You

Tonara’s Commitment to Quality Music Education Starts with You

At Tonara we believe that quality music is essential to the future of human culture, and quality music is created by true musicians who have learned from the best teachers.  

We believe in a world in which great music continues to be created and is played for audiences who appreciate it. A world in which musicians get their rightful place in the progress of human culture is a world that we want to be a part of.

The pathway to becoming a musician comes from a commitment that stems from desire. A musician’s path to success isn’t always easy, and nor should it be. But with training, learning, and effort the success and accomplishment will come.

Motivate To Practice

Motivate To Practice

Tonara’s music practice app magically listens to your students playing and gives personal, real-time feedback! 

Our unique patented Compare Recording technology magically compares live music playing with original recordings to instantly grade pitch, rhythm, tempo, and fluency.

Warning: Practicing will become addictive!

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Interact With Your Students

Interact With Your Students

Tonara’s multi-media chat lets you keep your students more engaged where they are most receptive – online, on mobile.

Your students will continue coming back day after day as they receive game-like rewards, fun & motivating stickers, and personalized feedback.


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Track Your Students' Progress

Track Your Students' Progress

Tonara listens to your students’ practice and tracks their progress over time, so you can celebrate their accomplishments and milestones together!

Easily monitor each student’s individual progress at a glance from the Activity Dashboard.

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Tonara Teachers

Tonara Teachers

We all know that the more students practice, the better they play and the longer they stick with it to feel that incredible joy of creating music.

Tonara is an all-in-one music practice platform that manages all your students, assignments, and communication with ease – freeing your time so you can serve more students!

Tonara helps private and K12 music teachers to motivate students with goal-oriented tasks, multi-media interactions, and fun rewards that encourage them to practice more and improve.

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