With so many Do-it-Yourself  ‘music learning apps’ out there, Tonara is a fresh breath of air. Tonara was created by music teachers and technology innovators with a deep belief that quality music is essential to the future of the human culture that is generated by quality teaching - hence by teachers.

The best enabler to assist the musician on this path is the teacher. The teacher is a guide who knows how to recognize and shape the student’s abilities. So that when the day comes, that student will be the best musician possible.

Music teachers are a significant asset to human culture because they are the bearers of the torch that transmits irreplaceable musical knowledge to future generations who will take their place. At Tonara, we pride ourselves in being committed to teachers and their teaching. Tonara believes that there is no substitute for the unique and necessary relationship between the teacher and student. With that in mind, we developed an app designed specifically for music teachers that is 100% adjustable to any teaching method.

Our Team

  • Ohad Golan CEO
  • Jonathan Chetboun Algorithm Engineer
  • Ireen Havkin Head of Design
  • Nadav Lachish Software Engineer
  • Ron Regev Chief Music Officer
  • Alice Vilhovik Office Manager & QA
  • Shira Haran Product Designer
  • Or Otmi Software Engineer
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