Tonara was created by a bunch of musicians and technology innovators with a deep commitment to the future generation of music performers.

We have combined all we love about music with all we depend upon online and on mobile, to create what we call the magnetic practice app – to make practicing music fun and rewarding from the very first day and all the way to the stage.

We all know that practicing any instrument before it sounds great is hardly rewarding. We also know that the more young players practice, the better they play, and the longer they stick with it to feel that incredible satisfaction of creating music.

Our journey has taken us through several platforms and devices, and our solutions have been used in homes and concert halls around the world. We have spent years of development and created patents all dedicated to empowering the next music generation.

We created the world’s first concert quality platform to perform live with Tonara. We also created the world’s broadest collection of interactive scores and scales enjoyed by newcomers and concert pianists of every level, that magically hear you play and provides feedback. And most recently, we developed the world’s first interactive music chat platform with motivating interaction, multi-media and game-like encouragement – built by musicians for (future) musicians especially to service one goal: to turn practice into play.

Now we are proud to bring all these capabilities together in Tonara – the world’s only all-in-one music practice app that helps people fall in love with music as they practice – a joy that will serve their soul for years to come.

Our Team

  • Ohad Golan CEO
  • Jonathan Chetboun Algorithm Engineer
  • Yaniv Bigger VP R&D
  • Oded Essner Head of Content
  • Ilan Galini Lead software architect
  • Amir Graitzer Software Engineer
  • Ireen Havkin Head of Design
  • Nadav Lachish Software Engineer
  • Ron Regev Chief Music Officer
  • Alice Vilhovik Office Manager & QA
  • Shira Haran Product Designer
  • Or Otmi Software Engineer
  • Nadav Avidav VP Marketing
  • Rotem Yifat Head of Acquisition
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