Conducting Student Evaluations

Student evaluations don’t need to be so nerve-wracking as they are most of the time. They have benefits for the students and teachers and should be used to their advantage. Evaluations can be done in two ways, formal and informal. Both are very useful to see how the student is doing and how the teacher […]

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Train Hard But Train Smart

Building the perfect practice schedule for your students requires a lot of balance. You have to create a demanding schedule, but if it will be too demanding, you risk losing your students as they might feel helpless and overwhelmed. On the other hand, you have to maintain a sense of fun and enjoyment, but if […]

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The Perks Of Learning Music Online

The benefits of learning music have been widely discussed, but what about people who have a hard time accessing good professors, resources, and even instruments? Luckily, we live in a time of immediacy and interconnectivity, where anyone with a working device and an internet connection can access resources that were considered an extreme luxury in […]

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