5 Signs You Are Meant to be a Teacher

male teacher playing guitar with students

Has Anyone Ever Told You, You Were Meant to Be a Teacher 💯

Remember when you used to be in class and thought the teacher was so cool and that you couldn’t wait to become a teacher yourself? Or maybe you were that student that would always help your classmates with the materials and assignments. Or you were even the teacher’s assistant and helped them out with the lessons. No matter where you fall within these categories you always knew you would be a teacher one day, and you even felt that it was your destiny.

If by some chance you don’t fall into these categories don't worry because here are four signs you are still meant to be a teacher!

Inspiring Others Makes your Heart Beat

Inspiring the people around you has always brought joy to your life and an extra beat in your heart. No matter if you are inspiring others with your advice, the person you are, or with your own actions. You are loved and looked up to by everyone around you.

People want to know your opinion and they value it. They know that you are someone who they can always turn to no matter how small the matter may be. Even so, you love this feeling and attention.

Your Love for People

You are certainly an extroverted person and saying you’re a people’s person is an understatement. Whether you like being around people or just helping others around you, it brings joy and a sense of pride to your heart.

You’re also that type of person that can relate to everyone no matter what the situation is. Whether you can imagine what they are going through or you’ve gone through something similar yourself, you will always find a way to show them that you understand and can empathize with them.

You See the Big Picture

The future excites you and you enjoy looking forward to it, and you may even plan ahead to what you’d like to see happen in 5 or 10 years from now. Maybe it’s making tenure or maybe it’s seeing your students be as successful as they can be, and starting their dream professions. Whichever one it is, you’re perfect at designing short-term goals that will make a positive impact on your future and inspires students to strive for their dreams and goals.

Playing Is In Your Nature

Part of the job description of being a teacher is wanting to play! It doesn't matter what you teach or what you are playing - but the fact is that you love having fun. You even find ways to make your lessons and assignments with students to be fun and engaging. You don't want to just be a simple teacher, you want to be that fun teacher who students love coming to. No matter if it's a class session, students need advice, or some extra support. You're always there for your students and always try to make every experience, no matter how difficult or challenging, into something that's entertaining which allows the student to take away even more!

You Want to See Others Succeed

When you see others around you succeeding it brings to you to life because you know and understand how happy they will be moving forward from that point. You also feel that when others succeed you succeed as well. Whether it be with the advice you give them, teach them something, or just listen to them.

You feel their pains and struggles and understand how much success means to them. Because of that your success also means a lot to you.

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Your Destiny is Calling You

Maybe you fall into all of these categories or maybe just one, either way, you’ve always known at heart that you’ve wanted to be a teacher.

Or maybe you’re already a teacher and just wanted a bit of reassurance.

Let’s inspire students, yourself, and get that teacher’s apple out on your desk. 🍎