Practice Tips for Teachers, Students and Their Parents, Part 1

by Leila Viss Leila Viss generates creative-based, tech-savvy instruction and resources for her private studio, the University of Denver’s Piano Preparatory Program,, 88 Creative Keys events, music industry magazines, and frequent speaking engagements. This article was originally posted here at on August 29, 2019, and is reprinted with permission.   As piano teachers, […]

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How to Teach Group Piano Lessons

If you’re a piano teacher, you might be feeling frustrated that you can’t accommodate as many students as you’d like. Perhaps you have a waiting list and phone calls from parents eager to get their children started on lessons but there are no time-slots available.  Maybe you’ve been teaching piano lessons one-on-one for a while […]

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10 Ways to Make Piano Lessons Fun for Kids

Engaging a child’s attention, concentration, and imagination for thirty minutes can be mighty challenging!  Even though they are excited by the piano and the idea of making music, their age makes it hard for most of them to stay focused. Before you start a lesson, check that the child is sitting at the right height […]

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