The Perks Of Learning Music Online

The benefits of learning music have been widely discussed, but what about people who have a hard time accessing good professors, resources, and even instruments?

Luckily, we live in a time of immediacy and interconnectivity, where anyone with a working device and an internet connection can access resources that were considered an extreme luxury in the times of Mozart and Beethoven.

If you’re considering online music lessons as an alternative to face-to-face teaching, or even as a good complement to that practice, here are some benefits to consider.


It Is Convenient

Once you experience what it’s like to have a mind-blowing lesson with someone miles and miles away, without having to even leave your house or fight traffic, the word “convenient” really takes on a whole new meaning.

Apart from transportation, there is also the factor of carrying an instrument around and having to adapt oneself to a different schedule. Online lessons allow both the student and the teacher to work from the comfort of their own homes, where the necessary equipment can be left safe, connected and ready to use.

Similarly, when it comes to video lessons that are pre-recorded, the student can access these whenever he or she likes, which is an amazing perk for someone with a crazy school/work schedule, or whose parents can’t always drive them around.


Extreme Personalization

Want to learn a specific MGMT track? Want to focus only on African music? Or perhaps you’d like to get into the exciting world of drone music?
In either of those cases, depending on where you are in the world, it may be hard to get one of the local music teachers to brush up on the subject and then impart it to you.

The internet, on the other hand, is quite literally an endless resource on whatever topic you want to specialize on. This means if you want to delve into a rather obscure subject, your own curiosity and drive for knowledge are the only limits.



Having an online teacher, or learning from an app, ebooks or youtube videos basically strips away two major costs of music lessons:

Cost of facilities (think of what it takes for a music school to rent a building, utilities, equipment, and then maintain all that).

Transportation (what it costs for the teacher and yourself to get to a certain spot).

Without having to pay these dues, two great things can happen; you can pay much less of what you originally intended for your music education, or you can suddenly access a much better teacher or set of learning resources for the same quantity that you were considering paying an academy or a face-to-face teacher in the first place.

Or Consider Both!

Case being made, the benefits of learning while in the same room with a teacher are also quite vast. You can listen much more closely to the sound they’re producing, get to ask specific questions and they will also be able to pay more attention to your technique and whatever mistakes you may be doing.
A successful musical journey in the digital age, therefore, should make use of both resources whenever possible.


By: Roy Vazquez