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Created by musicians, for everyone who loves music

Our Story

We develop apps that transform music education and  performance by turning it into a 21st century experience. One that wins in a world of digital seductions and distractions.
At Tonara we share a profound mission: ensure music education thrives and performances abound from ordinary living rooms to the world grandest halls. We are supported by those who play, teach, and appreciate music.

Sheet music, the language in which music is created and expressed, hasn’t changed in centuries. Until now. Tonara's patented technology and unique expertise turn flat pages into a rich, interactive digital experience that elevates the art of playing and teaching music.

We go beyond digitizing sheet music. We create an immersive learning, teaching, and performing sphere. We listen to what being played and understand it, display the location in the score, automatically turn the page, allow for synchronized recording of the pieces, sharing the performances, and introducing a reward and feedback system. Our ever-expanding catalog of thousands of scores is accessible with the tap of a finger, and much more.

Apps created by musicians for everyone who loves music

Meet the Team

Ohad Golan


Jonathan Chetboun

Algorithm Engineer

Miri Curiel


Oded Essner

Head of Content

Ilan Galini

Software Engineer

Amir Graitzer

Software Engineer

Ireen Havkin

Head of Design

Meirav Kadichevski

Content Editor

Nadav Lachish

Software Engineer

Stav Lerer

UI/UX Designer

Maya Natan Gorelick

Director of Product Management

Ron Regev

Chief Music Officer

Nick Sciorra

VP Business Development & Digital Legal Affairs

Michal Teitler

Director of Content Strategy

Alice Vilhovik

Office Manager & QA

Yonah Zucker

Software Engineer