Tonara makes practicing music fun with goal-oriented assignments, image-rich chat, game-like rewards, play-along exercises and a world-leading patent that hears you play and gives feedback on a wide repertoire of interactive scores.

Our all-in-one practice app motivates students, especially between lessons, to keep practicing until the notes sound like real music and the music bug takes over.



Unique, patented technology that listens, understand and interacts with live music – music of any genre, and any level played by any instrument.


All your music assignments, media to play along with, fun stickers and milestone celebrations come to life in Tonara chat. Making music part of digital and everyday social life.


My media in one easy place – a never-ending spring of music experiences. Scores, Audio recordings, Videos, Images…


Fun, Trendy, Powerful stickers enriching In-App communication and shared outside. Especially designed for the music community.


Daily practice & progress just became way more fun with Tonara badges, points and more game-like rewards. The more you practice, the more you gain – both at your instrument and inside the fun world of Tonara!


Tonara listens to you play and tracks progress every practice session and over time to celebrate milestones and successes, together. Enjoy Graphs, Stats, Badges, Practice trackers reflecting musical growth.


Play along with Disney, Mozart, Rock & POP to experience the exhilaration of playing great music, at a steady tempo of your choosing. With Tonara accompaniment you’ll feel the joy of playing music that sounds great. Even scales are fun with Tonara as you practice along.


All the Music You Love. Our Catalog includes numerous scores ranging from: exercises for beginners, methods, courses, arrangements, classical masterpieces, pop and rock hits, for all levels. In one app. Partnerships with powerhouses such as Disney, Universal Studios, Sony, Warner, Alfred Music and Schott, in addition to vast public-domain offerings, result in one of the most varied and up-to-date digitized catalogs available.


The all-in-one app for empowering all of your students to practice more and master their instruments. More attention for them, in less time for you.

  • Manage – all your students, assignments, communication and music media

  • Interact – with each student delivering goal-oriented assignments

  • Motivate – each student with game-like rewards and encouragement

  • Monitor – all of your students’ individual progress and skill

Teacher Lounge


  • Daily Workouts – keep students practicing with live feedback and game-like rewards

  • Follow my Footsteps – magically compares the students live music playing with original recordings uploaded by their teacher. Tonara then grades their pitch, rhythm, tempo and fluency


Enjoy full access to all our rich catalog of music scores to play long with.

Get Unlimited storage so you never run out of place to play.