Getting Started

Wolfie’s Free Zone is where you can find scores to download and play with no limitations or commitment. There you will discover Wolfie’s features and how they can benefit you in your piano practice. The Free Zone is changing constantly and new scores are added all the time. Get full access to thousands of interactive scores and features with Wolfie’s Premium Plans

Wolfie’s Catalog is made up of thousands of digital interactive scores. When you play an interactive score, Wolfie has the unique ability to listen and respond to you in real time. It can follow your playing, show you where you are in the score, flip the pages for you, give you accurate feedback on your playing, and so much more.

The Wolfie Piano app was designed with piano practice in mind. Everything about it, from its Catalog and features to its user-friendly interface, is aimed to engage and boost your practice. Practicing with Wolfie will improve your skills, help you focus on the music, develop sight reading, improve rhythm skills, encourage self-reflection and auto correction, and make practice time more satisfying, engaging and rewarding.

Wolfie’s Catalog contains thousands of interactive scores, at all levels and genres. Top pedagogy methods, exercises for beginners, traditional folk songs, favorite pop & rock hits, epic soundtracks, classical masterpieces, and more – are all waiting for you in Wolfie’s Catalog. Didn’t find the score you are looking for? Send your request via the app and we’ll do our best to add it to Wolfie’s Catalog.

Wolfie lets you play scores from the Free Zone, where you can get a taste of the app’s content and features and see if it’s suitable to you. As a Premium user, you will get unlimited access to the thousands of scores in Wolfie’s Catalog, including pop and rock’s greatest hits and Alfred’s leading methods. If you have a piano teacher, ask for his/her personal Wolfie code and enter it in the app – you will both get one free month of premium access to Wolfie!

To learn more about what Wolfie can do for as a teacher, a student, a piano beginners or as a parent, you can always tap the Guide icon in the app’s homepage, or download the guides from here. For students, open Wolfie_student_guide; Teachers open Wolfie_teachers_guide or visit the Teachers center here.
You can always contact us with any question, feedback or comment at or if you are a teacher write to We are always here to offer personal guidance!



Wolfie is a platform that provides an all-in-one solution for learning, teaching, playing and generally enjoying the piano. It is the next generation of sheet music, and with our and unique expertise – we make them come to life.
Our goal is simple, to make music education thrive. We take the best of traditional pedagogy, while blending it with the best aids cutting-edge technology has to offer. we use the exact same technology that drives children away from the piano – and help them discover the fun in learning and the love of music.

We also address the lack of communication between lessons, the loneliness of practicing, the need for feedback and the playfulness that can be lacking during practice.

Wolfie’s Catalog contains thousands of pieces at all levels and genres, and with the most advanced music technology available, Wolfie will help you take your skills at the piano and your love for music to the next level.
 Wolfie is available for a free download here, and we offer a Free Zone with 20+ scores, to help you explore the app and its features, and see if it’s suitable for you.
To learn more about Wolfie and how to incorporate it best in your piano journey, contact us for a free demo at: And of course, we’re always here for any question or feedback you may have.

Wolfie can listen, understand, follow and analyze the sound of any piano playing, including electric keyboard. Wolfie works best with the sound of acoustic piano, so start your Wolfie experience by exploring which piano sounds work best for you and for Wolfie.

Some users use Wolfie to play other instruments as well, you are welcome to try that too!

How to?

Downloading a score from Wolfie is really simple. All you need to do is open Wolfie and enter the Catalog. In the Catalog you will find thousands of scores at all levels and genres. Choose the score you want to play and tap it, then tap “Get” and “Open.” That’s it! Go to the piano and start playing.

Wolfie lets you upload PDF files to the app so you can have all your scores stored in one carry-on device. To upload your PDF scores, first make sure all the pages are under one file and are saved in portrait mode. Then open the file on your iPad (via email, Dropbox, Google Docs, etc.) and tap the Share/Open icon. Select Wolfie out of the options, name your piece and start playing! You can annotate the score and flip the pages by using your finger.

Digital scores allow you to personalize the score according to practice and performing needs. You can add fingerings, circle or highlight important areas, add your own instructions and comments, and erase annotations as needed. You also have the ability to pinch and zoom to enlarge a section of the score.

Play in the “Evaluate” mode to get accurate feedback on your fluency, pitch, rhythm and tempo. Challenge yourself and watch your scores improve. This will help you when preparing for performances, will give you a new type of feedback during home practice, and increase your motivation!

Wolfie is able to listen to a piano playing, understand, follow and analyze it. In order for Wolfie to do so, The microphone access switch on the iPad needs to be on. To turn it on, visit the iPad’s Settings and tap the section called ‘Privacy’. On the right side you’ll see the word ‘Microphone’, tap it. Now you should see a list of apps using the microphone, with switches that indicate whether or not access is allowed. Check that Wolfie’s access is on. (See the image attached).

Few tips to play with Wolfie’s Magic:

1. If playing on keyboards, pick a sound most similar to an acoustic piano. Try different sounds
2. Increase the volume and make sure nothing blocks the speakers
3. Try turning the iPad upside down
4. When you play, tap anywhere in the score to awaken the cursor


(Video tutorial below)

Wolfie has three major areas, the catalog, the homepage and the score.

The Catalog: Wolfie’s catalog contains thousands of scores, from classical masterpieces, through methods and exercises, to pop & rock and soundtracks favorites. Explore the catalog, find the scores you want to practice and download them. Once the score is downloaded it will also appear on our homepage. 

From the Catalog you can go to the homepage by tapping the home icon, or enter the score by tapping “Get” then “Open” next to the score.

navigating in Wolfie

The Homepage: Wolfie’s homepage is where you find all the scores you’ve downloaded. You can choose which mode you want to open the score in, you can view your practice statistics from there and your recording. There you can also find Wolfie’s guides and settings. Finally, from your homepage you can also access your profile to manage your account.

From your homepage you can go to the catalog by tapping the catalog icon, or enter the score by tapping on its panel.

Navigating - home page

The Score:

The score is where you start practicing the piece you’ve downloaded. You can choose to open the score in either one of the five modes and enjoy all of Wolfie’s features. There’s a lot to know about the score and its modes, check out the dedicated questions here, or check out Wolfie’s Tutorials

From the score you can go to the catalog by tapping the catalog icon, or go to your homepage by tapping the homepage icon.

navigating the score

So basically from each one of the three areas in Wolfie you can easily access the other two.


With Wolfie you have the option of recording your practice sessions, as well as share your recordings. It helps to self reflect and see your progress each practice day. You can also send your recordings to your teacher to evaluate practice sessions, or send to loved ones to make them happy 🙂

To record your playing simply open the score in ‘Practice’ mode, and tap the recording button. You can also make a magic recording, which means that if you record yourself while the Magic button is on, then when you play the recording, the cursor will follow along in the score.

Please note, while all pieces allow you to record your playing, few pieces don’t have the option to share those recordings. That is due to copyrights limitations.

With Wolfie, you have the ability of listening to playback of the piece and play along with it, while controlling the tempo of the playback. When available, you can tell Wolfie to play one hand, while you play the other one. With Alfred’s methods, you can also tell Wolfie to play the teacher’s accompaniment part. To do so, open the score in ‘Play Along’ mode, adjust the tempo and select the parts you want Wolfie to play.

Teachers' Help

You can connect with your students through the app and get an overview of their weekly practice. It will help you evaluate their achievements between the lessons and give them even better support. To connect with your students, all you need to do is share your personal code with them. To find your personal code, go to your profile where it will be displayed, or tap the “add a student” icon in your homepage. Once your students enter your code in their own Wolfie profile, you will be connected and have the ability to follow up on their practice sessions and see their practice stats!

We value the way sheet music has traditionally been presented, so we kept that original appearance – but in a digitized form. With the help of technology, we turned flat pages into a rich, interactive digital experience that elevates the art of playing and teaching music. Wolfie’s Magic Cursor follows what’s being played, displays the location in the score, automatically turns the page, allows for synchronized recording of the pieces, enables sharing the performances, and introduces a reward and feedback system. Thousands of scores are just a tap away, in one easy-to-carry device.

Thanks to Wolfie’s interactive technology, your students will practice better and longer. Wolfie brings kids back to the piano with the very same technology that is pulling them away from it – the iPad. As a Premium teacher, you will be able to use all of Wolfie’s tools to your benefit, access all the scores in the Catalog, teach top pedagogy methods and have access to your students’ practice stats.

Once you and your student are connected in the app, you can see their practice stats. From the homepage, tap “Students” to access your student’s zone. Then tap his/her profile to view his/her practice sessions and evaluate their achievements between the lessons. In the students’ profiles, you will see which scores they played and their overall practice time by day. Stay up-to-date on practice sessions between lessons, and give them even better guidance. Please note, to comply with COPPA requirements and to secure the child’s network security and privacy, stats of children under the age of 13 will not be visible if they have a free account. The stats will be visible once they subscribe to a premium plan.

Piano Pedagogy involves a good communication with your students, and with their parents too! The more the parents know about their children’s practice, the more supportive they will be. Get Wolfie Guide for Parents, and give it the student’s parents – it will help you explain them all the pedagogical values of Wolfie and its impacts on your teaching.parents_guideV.02-1

Learn more about Wolfie and its benefits for teachers and students with this Wolfie’s dedicated guide for teachers here:  Wolfie_teachers_guide or visit the Teachers center here.

Wolfie’s team is always at your help. We’re happy to offer free private demo and demonstrate how Wolfie can assist with your teaching and how to incorporate it in your teaching.

Simply write us at

Feel free to use write to this address with any question, feedback or comment you may have.

Incorporating Wolfie in your teaching takes its time and is a matter of a gradual process. Each teacher has its own pace, as well as each student.

We usually recommend to pick a piece suitable for your student’s level and musical preferences, and explore the different modes. You can start by annotating the piece (Annotate mode), and get to know it by listening to performances of the piece (Listen mode). Note that these performances are synched to the score, so the student can follow along the score while listening.  Start practicing the piece by playing along Wolfie (Play Along mode) in the tempo of your choice. When available, you can tell Wolfie to play one hand while you play the other. With Alfred’s methods you can find the teacher’s accompaniment and play them, or tell Wolfie to play them. When ready, start practicing the piece with Magic of, then turn it on. In some pieces you can practice one hand at a time and Wolfie will listen and follow the playing. Finally, use the evaluation tool (Evaluate mode) to get feedback on the playing.