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Tune in to The Future of Music Education.

Track 1: Innovation

Track 2: Connectivity

Track 3: Empowerment

Explore new instructional practices, approaches to music teaching, and new variations on old techniques, all scaled for music educators regardless of group size or age.

Learn new ways to connect with your students, parents, and colleagues by implementing technology into your curriculum, music-making, and communications.

From the SEL curriculum to Trauma-Informed teaching you can teach any student. This track is also for YOU to learn ways that you can set boundaries, stay organized, and take a breath!

Learn With Leaders.

Featuring Keynote Speaker:Dr. Anita Collins

Anita is an award-winning educator, researcher and author in the field of brain development and music learning. She is internationally recognized for her unique work in translating the scientific research of neuroscientists and psychologists to the everyday parent, teacher and student.

Leila Viss

Lee Whitmore

Mike Grande

Synchronize Strategy, Founder

Teacher, Author, Speaker

Rock Out Loud Live, Founder

Presenting: Blooming within Boundaries: A Recipe for Budding Composers

Presenting: Innovation Required - Teaching Through COVID

Presenting: What Students Really Learn When They go to Music School

Ms. Becki Laurent

Tim Topham

Grace H. Lee

The Music Studio, Director

Top Music Co. Founder

Note Quest, Founder

Presenting: What I've learned from 200+ podcast interviews and counting... 

Presenting: Building the Dyslexic Brain with Music

 Presenting: Sight Reading: Make it Fun. Make it Happen.

Carly Walton

Lesley Moffat

Stacey Swanson

Teach Music Online, Founder

Author, Band Director

Music Education Advocate

Presenting: Redesigning Music Advocacy

Presenting: Get Back Your Time - Time Management Tips to Avoid Burnout

Presenting: I Love my Job

but it's Killing Me

Nicola Cantan

Darlene Machacon

Dr. Gloria Tham-Haines

 Piano teacher, Author, Blogger 

SEL Music Educator

Professor, Music Educator

Presenting: Trauma-Informed Pedagogy: The Power to Transform

Presenting: Growing Up Gritty: How to Sharpen Students’ Stick-to-it-ive-ness

Presenting: Why We Should Break the Cycle of Eurocentric Music Approaches

Dr. Gail Fischler

Jennifer Foxx

Mike Pope

 Piano teacher, Author, Blogger 

 Piano Studio Owner, Blogger 

Bassist, Composer, Educator

Panel Discussion: Partnering DIY Platforms and Traditional Lessons 

Presenting: Adapting Your Music Camp or Group Online: Educate, Engage, Enrich

Presenting: The Truth Behind Music & The Brain: How it All Connects

Kristin Yost

Lou Ann Pope

Majhon Phillips

Teacher, Author, Presenter

 Teacher, Consultant, Presenter

Pianist, vocalist, songwriter

Panel Discussion: Partnering DIY Platforms and Traditional Lessons

Presenting: The Truth Behind Music & The Brain: How it All Connects

Panel Discussion: Partnering DIY Platforms and Traditional Lessons

Nicole Douglas

Paul Leverger

Hugh Sung

Teacher, Consultant, Presenter

Chief Marketing Officer, Newzik

Pianist, Techie, Entreprenuer

Presenting: Key, Not Key--Why Are Words So Confusing?

Presenting: Teaching and Collaborating with Digital Music Scores

Panel Discussion: Teaching and Collaborating with Digital Music Scores

Dr. Charles Limb

Cara Katzew

Elisa Janson Jones

Neurologist, Musician

Sr. Manager Online Learning 


VP Marketing, Tonara

Panel Discussion: The Truth Behind Music & The Brain: How it All Connects

Presenting: The Future of Music Education: Looking Forward

Presenting: Building Your Brand

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