Music is an experience.
So is learning music.

The question is whether it’s a positive experience that encourages a long relationship between your kid and their instrument, or if the learning journey ends before they stuck with it long enough to master the skill and enjoy the music.

Tonara motivates your kids to practice regularly with:

  • Easy communication between parent, teacher and the promising new student to see who’s practicing or perhaps needs some help
  • Goal-oriented “Workout” and “Footsteps” assignments that hear them play and give live feedback on pitch, rhythm, tempo and fluency
  • Fun reminders to practice – so you don’t have to nag them!
  • Encouraging badges, stickers, game-like rewards and ranks to feel and share successes

Watch them succeed and enjoy music as they practice with Tonara


Until Tonara was hard to get kids
to practice

When I was a kid, practice was boring.
My kids are lucky – practice is so much fun now!

I really enjoy seeing her progress and excitement….

Tonara is like having the teacher by her side every day – increases the value of those piano lessons significantly