The all-in-one music practice app for schools

Tonara motivates students to practice more, empowers teachers to provide better guidance and encouragement and strengthens schools with streamlined management tools to track and monitor all their students progress.

Created by musicians & music teachers, Tonara helps to motivate students with goal-oriented tasks, multi-media interaction and fun rewards that encourages them to practice more where they are most receptive – on their mobile phone.

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Tonara turns practice into play with a bunchof magical features:

  • School dashboard enables every teacher and the music coordinator to easily track and monitor student progress as they reach their individual and group milestones.

  • Teacher’s studio makes it quick & easy to manage all your students, their assignments and practice media in one place, giving them more personalized attention, in less time!

  • Tonara hears your students’ play and gives them live feedback

  • Rich multi-media chat between students and teachers facilitates quick and meaningful sharing of assignments, music material and successes all the way from their first lesson to the stage

  • Game-like rewards, stickers, ranks and media-rich chat encourage students to practice more with ongoing successes along their journey from novice to maestro

  • Play-along catalog with Scales at their own speed to full-video Disney experiences encourage students with a taste of creating awesome sounding music, sooner


Monitor all students’ individual progress and skill improvement at a glance


Manage all students, assignments, communication, progress and music media in one mobile app and web-based dashboard


Interact with each student personally, and as a group easily delivering goal-oriented assignments, messages and feedback. Responding with awesome stickers created to trigger a smile and inspire students to keep going


Motivate students with game-like rewards and encouragement as they practice and achieve their personal goals


Inspire music playing with our Play Along catalog for every playing level & genre – from classics to top-charting hits