Tonara360 for Teachers

Tonara is a service created by musicians for musicians, to enhance the teacher-student relationship. Dedicate more time to your students with our premium package, Tonara360, between lessons – and get paid for it!

Your students will be excited about practicing again!

In using Tonara 360*, a recent study showed that students increased their daily practice time by up to 68%. Invite your students to start their free 30-day trial now!

  • Give your students additional support and feedback between lessons

  • Your students will have unlimited access to advanced digital home assignments

  • Track your student's progress and improvement with real-time statistics

Bring your music teaching business into the 21st century

With Tonara, your studio dashboard is mobile and with you at all times! To help you focus on being the best music teacher you can be, we are giving you full, complimentary access to all of our features and when your students upgrade to Tonara360, 50% of the subscription fee ($20) is paid back to you for the hard work and additional time you invest in your studio.

Professional Studio

  • Manage all of your students in one place
  • Engage with and encourage your students between lessons
  • Give ‘at home’ practice assignments
  • Monitor your students’ progress and improvement via a designated dashboard with real time stats
  • Collect payments**

Leading Music Platform

  • Tonara hears your students play and follows along with them on the score sheet
  • Record a tailored segment or refer your students to the catalog, and our algorithm will provide real time feedback on their performance
  • Perform with pieces that includes professional accompaniments - from all time classics to modern day hits
  • Students gain points, stickers and badges the more they practice

Your students will start off with a Tonara Basic package and have the option to upgrade to our premium package, Tonara360, and add on the Tonara Store.

Feedback from Coach for better practice on Tonara’s scores
Personalized guidance and direction between lessons
Feedback on recording assignments from you
Track practice


Weekly only

Tonara360 First Month Free *

$39 Per month

Our mentors program

Interested in receiving special benefits and perks every month? Contact us at for details!

*Tonara 360 is a paid monthly subscription service available to all students with a free 30-day trial. The subscription fee is divided between Tonara and the teacher, to compensate for the additional time you will invest in your studio.

**Coming soon