The Ultimate Musician's Companion

The Tonara iPad app is the ultimate companion for the performing musician. It flips pages simply by listening to your playing. Choose from thousands of pieces available in its store, annotate your music, and enjoy the easiest move to digital scores.

As a concert pianist, I find Tonara’s digitized sheet music to be an incredibly useful tool. When I am performing it is reliable and easy to use and alleviates a stress that professional pianists have dealt with for hundreds of years.

Orli Shaham,
Leading Pianist

Tonara’s iPad app brings interactivity to digital sheet music for the first time. Tonara’s Magic Cursor listens to when you play, follows your notes in the score, and flips the pages for you.

Record and review your performance, listen to playback, mark your score and much more! Enjoy Tonara’s ever expanding catalogue of thousands of classical and contemporary scores.

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